Our products have been marketed at this time,

Software :

01.   The Payroll Program and the Attendant developed with Visual FoxPro 9.0 and MS-SQL 2005 database.

02.   Client-Server ERP Program developed by KOOGA Development Tools (from Japan) and database Oracle or MS SQL server.

03.   Web-based ERP Program open source, products of OpenERP / ODOO (Open Demand Open Object).

04.   Anti Virus, Security System.


Hardware :

01.   Network Booster product Olycom, China. As a distributor in Indonesia. UTP cable length can be up to 610 meters, can be as a substitute for fiber optic.

02.   Thin clients/Zero Client product SUNDE & VCloudpoint, China. PT AAG As Partners of SUNDE-Indonesia & VCloudpoint-Indonesia for the Jabodetabek area. Its benefits, it can ease the work of Client support, Save electrical power and other software product license.

Link Website :

Link Website :

03.   Refil Toner laser printer with the printer was loaned out during the contract. In cooperation with Trimaxindo.

04.   EnGenius WiFi brand product Reseller.